Sunday, March 16, 2014


Each time I make a new batch of soap it makes it harder and harder for me to choose a favorite!! This one by far is the most beautiful and since I am a scent freak... this ones smells fantastic... oh to describe the scent.... its a fruity floral scent that reminds me of the scent of lotion my daughter Camille loves to wear.

I have decided to make this whole soaping thing even more fun for my family by allowing my children to pick a scent they like and then name the bar of soap.  Since this one smells so much like Camille this is "her soap".  Her favorite colors are pink and purple so I swirled these colors together and it turned out quite beautiful.  Some who have seen my sample bar told me its way to pretty to use.  Well, I have to say that defeats the reason I make soap which is to use it, love it and smell good!!

Here is a photo:

Now as I said above this was a sample batch to see if I could get colors to swirl nicely and to test out how much fragrance oil to use.. I think I got it about perfect on the first try.  I only have eight bars to share from this batch but I will make a full batch sometime this week to get ready to sell.  If I do say so myself, this would make a great Mothers' Day gift!!!

The ingredients for this bar are as follows:

Saponified Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil, Olive Oil, Water, Pink and Purple Mica for coloring and superfatted with Shea Butter for extra moisturizing benefits and fragrance oil.

I made this using the hot processed method so it will be ready in about two weeks.  I think I smell a best seller here!!!

Coming Next........The Boss Bar :)

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