Thursday, November 13, 2014

Holiday Orders/ Product List

Keeping a blog updated is not one of my strengths as you can see from my lack of posts.  As the holiday season approaches I have had more and more people ask me what I will have available.  The easiest way to spread the news is via the world wide web, so I have decided to jump back onto my soap blog and post some photos.

I did my first ever craft show last weekend and did rather well.  I enjoyed sharing my soaps with lots of new people and hearing the nice comments on how my table smelled so good as they walked past.

Holiday orders are already coming in.  To keep up with demand if you are interested in ordering more than 10 bars of soap please let me know ahead of time so I can be prepared.  I need at least two weeks to have a batch of soap ready to gift out.

I have been exclusively making "hot process soap" over the past several months.  It takes more time to make but the cure time is a fraction of the time needed for cold processed soap and personally I like the look of it better.

Here is a listing of soaps I currently have in stock:

*New Scent*... after researching all the beneficial properties of
this soap we decided to call it Doc P.E.B.   This all natural soap
contains Pine, Eucalyptus and Bergamot.  If you google the
skin benefits of each of these essential oils you will see this bar
is great for acne, eczema, psoriasis, oily and troubled skin.  And
an added bonus is that I added Activated Charcoal which is also
amazing for your skin.  This is already becoming a favorite bar
here in my own household with teenagers.

Need a good morning pick me up bar?  This will get your senses
awake and ready to tackle a new day. 
*New Scent*- this bar is scented with a Green Tea
fragrance oil.  Really has a nice calming scent that
is gender neutral, almost floral fruity.  I used actual
green tea leaves in upper portion of the bar for
a great visual effect.

Calming and Relaxing.  Who doesn't love Lavender?
This is an all natural bar scented just right with
Lavender essential oil and topped off with
French Lavender petals for some added exfoliation.

*New Scent* Great kitchen bar, great shower bar,
great bathroom sink bar.... basically you just
can't go wrong with this bar.

>>Best Seller<< for those with skin sensitivities this is the bar
for you.  Unscented and only use all organic natural
ingredients including raw honey.  Have heard
wonderful testimonies from people who have
never been able to find a soap that they can use
with their skin issues, worth the try. 
*New Unscented Bar* I myself LOVE scents, I tend to
even go overboard with some of my scenting.  I was
asked by several people if I made an unscented bar...??
WHAT? who wants an unscented bar I'd ask...
When I received the answer "I do" a couple of times
I figured I better add in an unscented bar to my inventor.
 This is it.
The black line is activated charcoal to add some kind
of color and extra skin benefit.

Even in the winter time the smell of ocean and coconut is
a pleasing getaway if only for a few minutes in the
shower.  A very popular scent with some of my
male customers.

*New Scent* Thus far this is my BEST SELLER and a
wonderful bar to become so.  I developed this bar with my
daughter Tristin as a fundraiser bar for her French class
trip to Paris in the summer of 2016.  All proceeds from the sale
of this bar goes to her trip expenses.
What is the scent you ask?
Black Raspberry Vanilla.... YUM

Purple on the bottom, Pink on the top.  My daughter
Camille helped me with this bar.  Very sweet and fruity
scent great for girls.  Use a Wild Passion fragrance oil.

*New Scent* last but not least... my personal favorite.  Not
to much sandalwood, a touch of rose and yet capture a tiny
wiff of patchouli. I love it!!  I can always tell when someone
comes and smells this soap, its topped with shimmering glitter
and those that smell it usually walk away with a glittery nose :)

New Item======>>>>>>>

I am excited to work together with my daughter Camille
to make Bath Bombs, also knows as Bath Fizzies.

If you are unfamiliar with these it much like putting an
Alka Seltzer in water.  Once you put one of these in your bath
water not only is it fun to watch fizz away but the scent
is soothing and a wonderful addition to your bath time.

Currently have several scents including:  Rose, Ocean, Samone, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Wintergreen, and Lavender

BUT adding some new scents for stocking stuffers for kids... look for Bubblegum, Vanilla Mint, and Tea Tree oil soon

Please be sure to review all ingredients in my products before using for any possible allergies, I would be happy to share that information with you via email if you wish.  If you've read this far thank you and you must have some interest in my soaps... Thank You!! 

The price of all my bars are $5 each. The bath bombs are approximately 2 oz each, the size of a golf ball and go for $1.50 each or 4 for $5.

Contact Information:

Stacy Hanzely

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