Thursday, November 20, 2014

Love Hate Relationship with Bath Bombs

Up until about three or four months ago I had never heard of a bath bomb. I could have walked past it a dozen times in a store and never took notice.  While browsing soap forums I belong to I kept reading people making bath bombs or bath fizzies.  I decided to give it a try and let me kids be the guinea pigs for me.  My girls loved them, the twins thought the fizzing was fun and I loved the way it smells up the whole house after a bath.  So when I think about it we ALL benefit from someone taking a bath in the house using a bath bomb.

What is a bath bomb you ask?  Its much like putting a alka seltzer in your bath water and watching it fizz away.  It does not create bubbles for a bubble bath but scents your water just right for a refreshing or relaxing bath experience. Wish I would have had these as a kid!!!

So why title the post a "love hate relationship"?  Well, they are buggers to get right with mixing them up. I have had several good batches and the next time all the batches are bad.  I have some mold up perfectly and set right up, I have others that mold perfectly and then crack and crumble apart when dried. Its a hit or miss I reckon.

As I prepare for another craft show I decided to wrap them up nice and take their photo to share.  I do not always have these items on stock but I am ready and able to make them upon request.  I already have several people who have ordered them for office Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers or paired them with soap orders.

Here is what I made over the past two nights:

Wintergreen, fresh and minty

Bubblegum, kids love it!

Ocean Getaway, who couldn't use that?

New Scent and its a KEEPER!!!

Price of bath bombs is $1.50 each or 4 for $5
(I will ship if requested)

And finally, thanks to my helper Camille who took the photos for me and made sure to take a photo of me doing all the work while she played on computer and took selfies....LOL Notice son in background watching his sissy being silly :)

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