Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Sale

I have decided to give Cyber Monday a whirl and have an online sale beginning now through Monday December 1st ONLY.

Today with a $25 purchase you will receive 

All soaps are $5 each.  Scents available are as follows:

Green Tea
Ocean Getaway
Doc P.E.B.
Eucalyptus Lavender
Bare Naked (Unscented)
Milk, Honey & Oats (Unscented)
Lemon Poppyseed
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Chocolate Latte
Sandalwood, Rose & Patchouli

2 oz Bath Bombs are $1.50 each or 4/$5.  Scents available are as follows:
Sandalwood Rose

These scents available for pre-order ready by December 6th. 
Lavender Vanilla
Black Raspberry Vanilla
Orange Cinnamon
Tea Tree Oil
Wild Passion

French Lavender Sachets are $1 each. Sachet contains 2 tablespoons of dried herbs and have several uses including room/drawer/car freshener, put into dryer to create a nice lavender scent on clothing, dip into bath water to create a calming bathtime, sprinkle on floor and vacuum up to make each cleaning experience refreshing, or tuck away in pillow case to help calm down for sleeping.  One customer even tied sachet to dog collar to relieve anxiety.  

Please make order by emailing, by Liking me on Facebook and shooting me a message or by calling 814-299-6804.  I have a PayPal account set up to accept all forms of payments which I will share with you after I receive your order.

I look forward to giving your skin the 
"real soap" experience.  

All of my soaps contain the following ingredients:  Saponified Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Water, Mica for coloring and either Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils for luxurious scents.

My bath bombs contain baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, cornstarch, sunflower and olive oil.  After use your tub my be slippery so use caution when getting out of tub.

You can also click here for a photos of my soaps and click here for photos of my bath bombs.  Any questions are welcome and no question is a dumb question.

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